YDL015C - S. cerevisiae


Go term Description
GO:0016491 oxidoreductase activity
GO:0016627 oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-CH group of donors
GO:0019166 trans-2-enoyl-CoA reductase (NADPH) activity
GO:0016631 enoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase activity


No drugs in record


No diseases in record


Gene Organism
TECR H. sapiens

Related Interactions

Gene ID A Gene Name A Gene ID B Gene Symbol B Organism Source Score?
YDL015C TSC13 YMR001C CDC5 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.933331 View
YBR159W IFA38 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.933296 View
YDL015C TSC13 YNL189W SRP1 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.931931 View
YAL030W SNC1 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.931635 View
YDL015C TSC13 YJL187C SWE1 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.930026 View
YDL015C TSC13 YOR335C ALA1 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.929985 View
YDL015C TSC13 YLR113W HOG1 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.929495 View
YDL015C TSC13 YLR229C CDC42 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.929424 View
YDL015C TSC13 YJL046W AIM22 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.929086 View
YDL015C TSC13 YDL042C SIR2 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.925758 View
YBR070C ALG14 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.924036 View
YDL015C TSC13 YLR347C KAP95 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.922676 View
YDL015C TSC13 YLL039C UBI4 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.921991 View
YDL015C TSC13 YFL039C ACT1 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.921317 View
YDL015C TSC13 YOL006C TOP1 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.918732 View
YDL015C TSC13 YOL012C HTZ1 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.918673 View
YAL026C DRS2 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.914795 View
YDL015C TSC13 YNL031C HHT2 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.913994 View
YDL015C TSC13 YPR119W CLB2 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.912963 View
YDL015C TSC13 YDL140C RPO21 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.911592 View
YDL015C TSC13 YLR418C CDC73 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.911584 View
YAL058W CNE1 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.911378 View
YDL015C TSC13 YPL240C HSP82 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.911051 View
YDL015C TSC13 YDR331W GPI8 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.910288 View
YDL015C TSC13 YDR434W GPI17 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.904477 View
YBR140C IRA1 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.903307 View
YAL002W VPS8 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.902702 View
YDL015C TSC13 YER165W PAB1 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.900883 View
YDL015C TSC13 YGL173C XRN1 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.90046 View
YDL015C TSC13 YLR175W CBF5 S. cerevisiae SDL Slorth 0.900331 View
YCR009C RVS161 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.897702 View
YDL015C TSC13 YPL087W YDC1 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.896533 View
YDL015C TSC13 YDL052C SLC1 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.892692 View
YDL015C TSC13 YLR459W GAB1 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.890599 View
YDL015C TSC13 YMR013C SEC59 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.888301 View
YBL076C ILS1 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.88809 View
YCL001W RER1 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.887498 View
YDL015C TSC13 YDR208W MSS4 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.886373 View
YDL015C TSC13 YOL013C HRD1 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.882479 View
YAL042W ERV46 YDL015C TSC13 S. cerevisiae SSL Slorth 0.881945 View