H. sapiens

SSL interaction


Gene Name Gene ID Diseases Drugs GO terms Orthologs
SRC ENSG00000197122 colorectal cancer
endometrial carcinoma
protein kinase activity
protein tyrosine kinase activity
non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity
SH3/SH2 adaptor activity
protein kinase C binding
receptor binding
insulin receptor binding
integrin binding
protein binding
ATP binding
protein C-terminus binding
kinase activity
enzyme binding
kinase binding
heme binding
estrogen receptor binding
SH2 domain binding
ion channel binding
ephrin receptor binding
phosphoprotein binding
hormone receptor binding
growth factor receptor binding
scaffold protein binding
cadherin binding involved in cell-cell adhesion
Src64B (D. melanogaster)
ASNA1 ENSG00000198356

No diseases in record

No drugs in record

transporter activity
protein binding
ATP binding
arsenite transmembrane transporter activity
ATPase activity, coupled to movement of substances
metal ion binding
GET3 (S. cerevisiae)
asna-1 (C. elegans)
CG1598 (D. melanogaster)