H. sapiens

SSL interaction


Gene Name Gene ID Diseases Drugs GO terms Orthologs
TTN ENSG00000155657

No diseases in record

No drugs in record

protease binding
protein serine/threonine kinase activity
protein tyrosine kinase activity
calcium ion binding
protein binding
calmodulin binding
ATP binding
structural constituent of muscle
enzyme binding
protein kinase binding
telethonin binding
identical protein binding
actinin binding
protein self-association
actin filament binding
muscle alpha-actinin binding
structural molecule activity conferring elasticity

No GO terms in record

TUBA1A ENSG00000167552

No diseases in record

No drugs in record

GTPase activity
structural molecule activity
structural constituent of cytoskeleton
protein binding
GTP binding
protein domain specific binding
TUB1 (S. cerevisiae)